Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHA and why do animals and people need it?

DHA is the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. It is a necessary building block for brain development and critical to optimum cognitive functioning. Due to its molecular structure, it has a much lower melting point than many other fatty acids that are solid at room temperature. DHA functions like “nature’s antifreeze” to keep things moving throughout the body. In addition to brain health, DHA positively benefits circulation, mobility, reduces inflammation throughout the body, improves skin, coat and many allergic conditions. However, animals and people cannot synthesize the enzyme that produces DHA.  Only certain species of algae contain the DNA coding for the enzymes that allow it to produce DHA internally.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s as pets’ and peoples’ diets moved from “natural and made from scratch” to “processed and ready made for convenience” our collective health began to suffer and life expectancy has decreased. At PhytoSmart, we believe a major contributing factor to this grim outlook is the lack of bioavailable DHA and the DHA Synthase Enzymes from modern diets.


What species of algae is used to produce SmartZYME™?

We produce SmartZYME™ from C. cohnii, a well-known species of golden micro-algae that produces only DHA; the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. Micro algae are phytoplankton (marine plants). There are thousands of different micro algae species.  C. cohnii is found in all the world’s oceans. C. cohnii is unique compared to other DHA producing algal species in that it directly converts glucose to healthy fats that do not allow saturated fats to accumulate in the body.  And, SmartZYME™ is the only Omega 3 product available that preserves the DHA Synthase Enzymes active and intact that work to produce additional DHA in the body after consuming SmartZYME™.


What exactly is an enzyme and what’s so special about the enzymes in SmartZYME™?

An enzyme is a protein catalyst that causes a reaction to occur in the body.   When enzymes are exposed to high temperatures, as they are during the manufacture of Omega 3 extracted oils, they become denatured and ineffective. SmartZYME™ is the only DHA Omega 3 product available that is produced without the use of damaging heat to preserve these metabolic enzymes that continue to work in the body to multiply the amount of DHA after consumption.


How much DHA is in each pack of SmartZYME™? How much additional DHA will the metabolic enzymes in SmartZYME™ produce?

Each 10 pack of SmartZYME™ contains 175mg of DHA. It has been documented that the special enzymes in SmartZYME™ can produce more than 1,000 mg of additional DHA continuously achieved within 15 days which depending on the degree of your pet’s health impairment is often more than enough time to witness dramatic improvement.


Will SmartZYME™ enzymes survive the digestion process?

Yes, in mammalian digestion, proteins are digested into smaller molecules such as peptones  and amino acids in the stomach. These enzymes are absorbed and acquired before they enter the small intestine, and stored in the liver cells for life to become part of the liver enzymes.  Without the presence of such PUFA synthase enzymes, the liver will be clogged with saturated fat condensate that can lead to conditions such as “fatty liver disease”.


Is SmartZYME™ vegan safe?

Yes, SmartZYME™ is produced without the killing of animal nor fish.  No animal protein is used in the production.


How should I use SmartZYME™?

We ship SmartZYME™ cold to your door to maintain freshness. That is also why we package each individual serving of  SmartZYME™ in an oxygen barrier pouch. To thaw, either cup the packet in your hands for a few moments or immerse in warm (up to 110ºF) water, so as not to inactivate the SmartZYME™ enzymes. Don’t worry it your product arrives thawed. Refreeze the packs that you will not use immediately and refrigerate the pack that you will use first. Please refer to our website video to see how easy to is to use SmartZYME™ to exponentially improve your pet’s health.


How long is SmartZYME™’s shelf life?

Although SmartZYME™ will last over a year frozen. However, once it is in the refrigerator and ready for use, please consume it within 2 months; think of SmartZYME™ as an item of fresh produce. SmartZYME™ is made fresh, shipped fresh and meant to be used while it is fresh.


Is DHA good for weight management?

Recent studies have shown that for both humans and animals, if you flood the body with DHA Omega 3, it increases the body’s basal metabolic rate so that more calories are burned at rest, as well as when moving.

Metabolic enzymes, such as those contained in  SmartZYME™ that work to produce DHA, convert sugars such as glucose or fructose, to unsaturated “good” fats (DHA) instead of the unhealthy saturated fats that tend to condense and accumulate in the body.  Because DHA is liquid at even very low temperatures, it “melts” these unhealthy saturated fats.


Is DHA Omega 3 good for skin and other pet health issues?

DHA Omega 3 has a significant antioxidant capacity to absorb the oxygen radicals that are believed to be the cause of inflammation, irritation, itch and pain present in many skin and other health conditions that our pets encounter.  Among DHA Omega 3 products, SmartZYME™ is unique. Instead of being a processed, concentrated, extracted Omega 3 oil, it is fresh, whole cell DHA nutrition that delivers the most natural, highly bioavailable DHA Omega 3 product to boost your pets’ vitality, cognition, mobility and and overall health. Furthermore, SmartZYME™ works to rebalance impaired metabolisms that can lead to so many of the “modern illnesses” such as Diabetes, Cushing’s Disease, Obesity, etc. that so many pets and people face in increasing numbers.


But I give fish oil to my pet. What’s the problem?

PUFA  )poly unsaturated fatty acids) like DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids have significant antioxidant capacity to absorb damaging free oxygen radicals. However, these PUFA are very prone to oxidation themselves. Once they become saturated from capturing such damaging oxidative radicals, they too become damaged and offer no more antioxidant protection and can become vulnerable to the “peroxidation chain reaction”.

Fish oil contains all 3 Omega 3 PUFAs (DHA, EPA and ALA). Fish oil producers add antioxidants such as tocopherols (synthetic vitamin E) and other fillers to protect the PUFA against oxidation. Though, once these protective antioxidants become saturated with the oxidants created by these chain reactions, they no longer protect the PUFA.  If your pet consumes fish oil that has become oxidized, potentially damaging free radicals can enter their body to damage a variety of cell membranes including brain tissues, that can cause neurological symptoms similar to human Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, or memory loss, that can lead to your pet’s early death. Old fish oil is toxic. Potentially very toxic.


My bottle of fish oil is good for another 2 years. I don’t need to worry…do I?

The stamped expiration date on extracted Omega 3 oil products offers protection from damaging oxidation only as long as the package seal remains unbroken. Once the contents of the package are exposed to the air, the clock starts ticking on the damaging peroxidation chain reaction. New research publicized by Rodney Habib, a leading pet expert and advocate, reveals that this  damage can occur much sooner than previously expected; often within weeks of breaking the seal. That is why we safeguard SmartZYME™ from exposure to damaging oxidation by producing it fresh with no artificial or synthetic ingredients, bringing it with sea salt to preserve its freshness, packaging it in a small serving oxygen barrier film, and shipping it to you cold. SmartZYME™ is the most highly bioavailable DHA nutrition you can feed your pet. It tastes great and  you only need a little bit to exponentially improve your pet’s health and vitality.