Information and Instructions (Ambassadors)

A. How to earn rewards by referring friends to purchase SmartZYME™
• Click here to be directed to PhytoSmart home page.
• Share the home page on your mobile device, when you talk about it to your friends.
• Then forward the page to your friend to complete the referral.
Note: You won’t know if they actually purchased. So, best to have follow up
conversation to confirm. You can share your SmartZYME user experiences and health benefits
etc. to ascertain if they placed an order and get feedback.
B. How to sign up new retail stores to earn rewards.
• Click here to download the link to the 1 min Pitch Video. Cut and paste the link and send
or show this video on your phone to a retail store clerk. Ask them “Do you carry this item? I
need to get this.” If they say “No”, then you might want to tell them your vet is prescribing
it for your dog or cat.
• By the time you leave the store, you must leave them with the web site tag, or have them
search the web using your link.
• If you don’t get credited, the chances are, they have not ordered. Follow up to make sure
you can now purchase SmartZYME from them. If you do purchase, the $20 dollars will be
your tax deductible business expense. You may wish to use it for your own, or donate it to
a rescue or even use it as free samples sign up local breeders. Note: See tips for: How to
sell to volume users in Section C.
• Once a retailer has signed up, you will continue to receive the same reward, as our sales
commission, on all their purchases for at least 12 months from the date of their first
purchase. The more they sell, the more orders they place, the more rewards you will earn.
Call us to discuss additional promotional ideas, or write to us to
• Occasionally visit the retailers, and check to see if they have our brochure properly
displayed, and see if they have the “call out bags” displayed at visible places.
C. Instructions on selling to volume users (rescues, breeders and
1. Identify volume users.
In your area, you can identify local rescues and breeders either by using Google Maps, or by
visiting pet shows or even talking to the local retailers. When you make contact with them,
show the Link tags for rescues and breeders. Have them purchase SmartZYME using the
tags. And, have them sign up for our newsletter.
Encourage them to sign up for the newsletter. This will ensure your account priority.
2. Prepare with our marketing materials:
• Brochure
• White Paper
• Pitch Video
• Enzyme Explainers
• Newsletter
Sales Aid #000
We are building more data, and reports are coming for you to use.
3. Breeders: Use the tag to lead to their volume purchase portals. Use of SmartZYME is
beneficial especially for pregnant dogs, and newborn pups. For impaired dogs,
SmartZYME¨plus will be a good choice for them. (coming soon)
D. Instructions on selling to farms, egg farms, milk farms coop,
national brand farms.
1. Chicken Farms
We have data showing that SmartZYME fed chickens produce eggs that have much higher
DHA content in the eggs than chickens that were not fed SmartZYME. This allows the farmers
to label such eggs as “high in DHA Omega 3”; a claim that is otherwise prohibited by the FDA.
The DHA rich eggs may be sold at premium, as is observed in the case of DHA fortified
Horizon milk. We have preliminary data to show the elevated amount of DHA in the eggs after
feeding hens for a month. If the added value in the market is $2.00 per dozen eggs, then the
farm can gain much higher added value than the cost of the SmartZYME.
This study is ongoing in cooperation with The University of Connecticut Agricultural
For every farm purchase, Ambassadors will receive 20% as sales commission. For mid size to
large size farms, the account clearance will be necessary. Once cleared, you are the sales
agent who can claim the commission. Industrial sales will need to report to our Business
Development Manager. (Off-line opportunity)
Sales Aid #000