Information and Instructions (Advocates)

Thank you for visiting the SmartZYME Advocate page. Please follow these instructions to earn cash rewards on every referral sale (prescription sale) at via your link tags.

Paste and embed this link in images, videos, or simply text the link to our home page to your referrals.

This is how it works: Prescribe SmartZYME™ at as the only safest and most bioavailable choice for Omega 3 DHA supplementation, especially for specific medical conditions, such as cognitive issues, inflammation and mobility issues, or as an alternative to fish oil, or any extracted DHA oil. Learn more about our Science. YOUR
CASH REWARD is based the number of SmartZYME sales your link generates, and the reward is paid at two tier levels:

1. Tier 1: Sales of SmartZYME on through your link tags, rewards at 25% of each consumer sale. For example, for a medium dog, a one month supply is 2 packs. (Your reward is $12.50 / purchase).

2. Tier 2: If your referral customer chooses to become a SmartZYME Ambassador (a personal advocate) and refers another consumer online (we will pay you 8% of the sale, in addition to the Ambassador’s commission of 25%).

3. You will be able to track your earned commissions in real time in the
back room. We will send you your cash award monthly via PayPal.


SmartZYME pricing is reflected online and includes a shipping and handling charge to consumers.You have two options to help consumers avoid this charge:

1. Buy 3 – 4 dozen SmartZYME packs to carry them in your freezer as inventory to sell directly to your clients. Become our reseller . The MSRP of the pack is $20/pack (10 packets). Your client can pick them up at your practice without having to order online. The margin is 40% excluding shipment cost to you. OR

2. Sign up nearby local natural pet food retailers to carry SmartZYME for client prescription pick ups:
• For each local retailer you sign up we will pay you a bonus of 18% of the retailer’s initial P.O. (For example, you will earn $77 / 3 doz., $103 / 4doz. purchase) This sign up bonus will continue for 12 months, so you will see this reward for every retailer order.
• However, if the retailer already carries SmartZYME, there will be no commission earned on their purchases.


SmartZYME is working hard to establish the local distribution network. When local production and distribution is established, the online price may be able to be reduced.

This commission structure will continue for 12 months, or until further notice. Enjoy repeat cash rewards from returning customers. Happy SmartZYME-ing!


Contact us for more suggestions:
This instruction, I am not quite sure. what I want is so that the affiliate gets to embed the link that lands at the product selection area, then close the sale. While the consumer searches the web page to learn more, the link must stay with them. When the sale closes, the Affiliate will have feedback as to commissions. The affiliate SHOULD BE ABLE TO learn who
purchased. Will it be represented on the vets’ mobile device? Also, the coupon issuance to vet, and the redeemable rebate to the retailer as well as the veterinarian’s commission, is a tricky transaction. Can you
program it to make sure?